Second life. First choice.

Turbocharger overhaul

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Second life. First choice.

Turbocharger overhaul – An all-round business

A market with a promising future

Some 260 million vehicles are currently traveling on the roads of Europe, more than a third of which are equipped with turbochargers. By 2025, forecasts indicate that the share of turbocharged engines, especially in gasoline engines, will increase significantly. The reasons for this rapid development of turbocharged engines are the increasingly strict gas consumption and emission regulations. This is being counteracted by consistent downsizing of engines. So as not to compromise the performance of engines with much smaller capacity, turbochargers are being increasingly utilized.

Although turbochargers are designed for a very long life cycle, damage still occurs – frequently due to improper maintenance. Defective turbochargers are ones usually replaced with new which is often not necessary!  With the right know-how and suitable equipment, turbochargers can be repaired to as new condition. In addition to special tools, cleaning equipment and spare parts, two balancing machines are required. Balancing ensures perfectly smooth running, quality and reliability comparable to that of a new part. The result: As good as new!

The right turn for a sustainable business

Anyone now getting into the business of turbocharger overhaul will benefit from a rapidly growing market, In tune with the spirit of the times in terms of economy and sustainability. The investment  in the required technology is manageable, so that this business will quickly become profitable. With our solutions you can give a second life to turbochargers for commercial and construction vehicles, small and medium-sized marine engines or the aviation industry – and thereby also generate additional business.

Why is balancing so important?

We are repeatedly asked why balancing is so important when repairing turbochargers. Turbochargers operate at speeds of 180,000 to 250,000 rpm – miniature ones – achieve speeds of 300,000 rpm. At such speeds, the smallest unbalances cause pronounced vibrations, which manifest themselves in very loud noises and place a great deal of stress on the bearings. The permissible tolerance is only a few thousandths of a gram – therefore highly sophisticated measures are required when repairing high-quality turbochargers in order to ensure smooth operation and a long service life.

For this purpose, and in the first step, the individual components and the pre-assembled rotor assembly are carefully balanced at low speed on the TBcomfort. This greatly reduces the initial unbalance, and is the basis for the next step – balancing of the complete core assembly on the TBcore or TBsonio. Without thorough preliminary balancing, it would almost be impossible to bring the complete core assembly back into tolerance. Or even worse yet: the bearings might be damaged or destroyed during balancing.  

On the TBcore or TBsonio, the pre-balanced core assembly is then finally balanced at almost full operating speed and under realistic operating conditions. After the correction and a control run, the core assembly is ready for a further long service life under extreme conditions.

A manageable investment

The investment in this business is manageable and transparent – especially if you are already involved in the maintenance and overhaul of other components: In addition to some tools, a sand-blaster, a cleaning machine and turbocharger spare parts, two balancing machines and a compressed air supply are required in order to restore a turbocharger to perfect working order. Balancing by this means ensuring that the overhauled turbocharger offers the comparable quality and reliability of a new part.

With our TBcomfort and TBsonio you can also overhaul turbochargers for commercial and construction vehicles, small and medium-sized marine engines or the aviation industry allowing you to generate more business across various industries.