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Turbocharger overhaul


High-speed balancing
Maximum speed for top quality

Low-vibration-long lifetime: On the TBsonio the core assembly is accelerated with compressed air at the end of the overhaul process, and then is balanced under largely realistic conditions. Only after this process the turbocharger has such a low residual unbalance that it reaches a quality level comparable with a new turbocharger. 
The turbocharger is one of the most complex applications encountered in balancing. The reasons are the elastic behaviour of the rotors, the high balancing speeds and the required accuracy. With its sophisticated measuring concept, the TBsonio measures the unbalance over the complete speed range and then calculates the exact weight required for the unbalance correction. In this way, it achieves a measuring efficiency and accuracy comparable to our production machines. The benefit for you: fast and accurate balance.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Ergonomic machine concept for easy and safe operation
  • Perfect final balancing of turbocharger core assemblies up to 16 kg
  • Monoblock machine – simply connect the power and compressed air supply – done
  • Noise protection – no separate noise protection measures required
  • Safety – complies with the latest Machinery Directives and therefore the highest current safety standards
  • CAB950 SmartTouch offers easy operation and maximum measuring performance
  • Unbalance measurement over the complete speed range – no spot measurement or fixed speed is required
  • Perfect indexing aid with very high positioning accuracy


Operation kept simple

With the TBsonio we  thought of every detail, making your balancing process easier leading to a high-quality balancing result. Based on our ergonomic machine concept the protective shroud is easy to operate despite its high protection class. All  pushbuttons are easily accessible on the front of the machine. The machine can be quickly set up for a new turbocharger with only a few tools. No tools are required for the mounting and removal of the core assembly to the adapter rings.

Due to our indexing aid no markings are required and our reference pickup needs no adjustment – simply magnetize the shaft of the core assembly!

Indexing aid

An ingenious solution – the non-contacting indexing aid

The best measuring technology is of no help if you cannot clearly identify the precise angular position of the unbalance. For example, a 5° deviation from the exact position of the unbalance location means 10% errors with the unbalance correction. So you may need a second or even a third measuring run in order to balance the core assembly.

To simplify this operation and make it more reliable, the TBsonio uses our patented indexing aid, simply magnetize the axle of the core assembly, and immediately start with the measuring run. By magnetisation you have provided the rotor with an invisible angular scale, which can now be read with our non-contact sensor and displayed as an angular position by the measuring unit. Before balancing simply index the rotor by hand. This system is significantly more precise than previous machines, shows no wear and shortens the measuring run – and there are no components to be cleaned or maintained.

Clean operation

Clean operation creates quality

Anyone working with oil in a factory environment knows how quickly everything gets dirty. To avoid this, we have made the necessary provisions with the TBsonio: under the complete working area, the oil basin collects small residual quantities of oil which are left in the turbocharger after the oil is blown out. These are fed back to the central oil tank. As a result the work area remains clean for longer even without time-consuming cleaning.
A further provision for clean operation  and environmental protection is the large oil basin in the lower machine bed. This ensures that the work environment is not contaminated by the uncontrolled escape of oil.

Measuring instruments

CAB 950 – The professional measuring unit

The CAB 950 SmartTouch measuring unit used with the TBsonio has been developed for use in our production machines. It offers technical perfection, coupled with simple software design and touch-screen operation. As with the TBcomfort, all functions and the communication with the balancing machine are controlled via touch-screen. The TBsonio offers the same consistent and thorough operating philosophy as with the TBcomfort.

Easy calibration

To achieve the highest precision in overhauling core turbocharger assemblies of various types, the TBsonio requires calibration to individual types of assemblies. Our easy calibration guides you through the individual calibration steps with clear instructions displayed on our measuring unit. The entire process takes only a few minutes and the calculated values are stored at the conclusion of the calibration run for future use.

Quiet and safe

Whisper-quiet in operation – our new SilenceLine concept

When a turbocharger is operated at operating speed, it produces a very loud, high-frequency noise, especially if it is not perfectly balanced. With our SilenceLine concept, which includes various measures for the reduction of operating noise, the noise emission of the TBsonio is less than 67dB* - allowing both machines to be operated in any workshop without additional noise protection measures.

Safety is important

The TBsonio fully complies with the requirements of the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, in effect since the beginning of 2010, and is CE-certified.

Safety is particularly important in high-speed balancing, to ensure protection in the event of bursting of turbochargers. The TBsonio complies with the highest protection class D of ISO 7475, so that even parts ejected at high speed are safely contained.


Universal adapter

The different core assembly types are mounted on the machine with the aid of an adapter ring. The adapters connect to the core assembly adapter to simulate the turbine side of the turbocharger. Due to the optimised geometry of the adapters, the air consumption for driving the core assembly is low. Existing Schenck adapters, e.g. from the 110MBRS machine series, can also be used. Open Adapterselection

Technical data

Rotor dimensions:

Maximum core assembly weight: 16 kg
Flange diameter: 300 mm
Maximum turbine diameter: 130 mm
Maximum compressor wheel diameter: 153 mm

Machine data:

Dimensions (Width, depth, height): 1783 x 730 x 1400 mm
Overall weight: approx. 950 kg
Power supply: 230V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Drive: Compressed air (6-10 bar / 1.5” connection)
Noise level: Less than 67 dB (measured at 168,000 rpm with a master core assembly type GT15)
Protective cover: To ISO 7475 Class D (Protection against bursting rotors)
Painting: 2-colour RAL7035 (light grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey)

Measuring unit:

CAB 950 SmartTouch


Core assembly-specific adapter rings
Pneumatic manual grinder correction tool
Master core assembly 
Magnetising and demagnetising tool
Calibration set